The Byrdraka is a Viking boat built on a trailer.

Help me put a sail on The Byrdraka!

The Byrdraka is a Viking boat built on a trailer.
Photo courtesy Illy Brownlee, taken at Royal, AL, 2016.  Thank you so much!

As some of you may know, my husband is the instigator and chief crew member of The Byrdraka, a fictional Viking ‘boat’ which brings revelry places seaworthy craft cannot, since she is built on a 20′ trailer.

(Follow her progress on Facebook!)

In that picture above, I’m sitting on her stage, getting sunburned.  For this and other reasons, we want to put a yardarm and sail on the boat, and I need YOUR HELP to learn how!

I don’t really research/play Viking for myself (only as a Sif barmaid for the boat), so I’m not sure where to start.  I did research modern sailboats quite a bit last summer, so I know what it means when I read “The single square rigged sail allowed sailing close to the wind“…that doesn’t help me build the yardarm and rigging necessary to hoist a useful shade-giving sail.

Please, make suggestions in the comments, and I’ll start reading and posting progress and what I try out.  Thanks SO MUCH!


Longship Company (Facebook group, thanks Greg Hartley!)

Sailing Manual from the Longship Company (thanks Mark Blaydoe!)

The Gyrfalcon

Alison Fuch’s collection of Viking rigging illustrations on Pinterest

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