Craft materials are not groceries.

I've become fond of the blog "The Happiness Project". (No, I haven't read her book, but I'm sure it's lovely, if it's anything like the blog. Reading a couple of years of intermittent posts in which Gretchen explains the Truths of Adulthood, Secrets of Happiness, and Personal Commandments that she has found for herself has helped me understand that I can do this too. (I don't entirely understand why I have this reputation for intelligence when I can be really, REALLY slow about some things.) So…"Craft materials are not groceries." You know how groceries work.  You run out of eggs, … Continue reading Craft materials are not groceries.

For anyone who’s ever left a comment…

I promise I didn't mean to ignore you.  TypePad has evolved so swiftly, and spam comments (hiss!) proliferated so quickly, and I went back to school, that I just stuck my head in the sand re: comments.  I've figured out how to kill spam comments efficiently, and I'll look for some sort of notification setting, so I can tell when you lovely people talk back to me. Continue reading For anyone who’s ever left a comment…

Wine List, February 2011 (aka Way Overdue)

(Here ought to go a pile of apologies for forgetting how to blog.  Let's call that done, and get to the good stuff.) Way back in February, my adopted group Glynn Rhe, threw an event called Wine List.  The "List" part had to do with a tournament, in which all participants put a bottle of wine on a blanket, and then everybody fought everybody else, and the winners* got to take home the wine, and some prizes, besides. *There were teams involved.  I really only understand about that much, and that the Viking was on the winning team, and that's … Continue reading Wine List, February 2011 (aka Way Overdue)

Hysterical historical video mashups

"Beowulf": "The Vikings" "William the Conqueror": Apparently these are part of a series – they're wonderful. (School/work is going really well – but yes, it's taking away from the craftwork/blog while I adjust.  Honnora's diamond twill apron is nearly done – just lacks straps.) Continue reading Hysterical historical video mashups

MGT 2010

The Viking, er Saxon* and I went to MGT, and tried out the wool geteld as a pavilion, with one side propped up.   (*He's decided to switch sides and move back in time to meet me.  Looks like I get to avoid making myself a Viking apron for good!) Our friends Vladimir and Illaria sat with us, and brought rugs and their very comfy upholstered chairs.  Besides the upholstery, I really like how the high backs fill in the vertical wall of the tent, visually.  I'm wanting to find more pictures of people seated for more chairy ideas. We … Continue reading MGT 2010

Leftover dye

What to do with a small batch of leftover black dye? I needed to dye a bit of fringe leftover from the first diamond twill, black.  Small pot of RIT.   I'm inordinately proud of this idea – the point is to make my braid look like a bell-rope, like this: Tassels everywhere!!!  (This kit improvement is motivated by helping serve Madhavi's super-authentic Indian feast at Trimaris' 25th year.  My kit has a LONG way to go, before it looks as good as this, but that's part of the fun.) Cotton dyes incredibly quickly – no wonder it replaced linen … Continue reading Leftover dye