When last we left our heroes… 2017 reboot

…Randver and I had stopped playing in the SCA, and I'd mislaid my voice for this blog.  So I let it sit.

But in the meantime we didn't stop having Adventures and building Things.

As these adventures continued, I saw a common thread, and in pursuit of that, I'll be blogging again, but there will be some changes to Greet's Middle Ages.

(Not the name – still middle-aged.  Here's hoping we have a long ways to go, on that point.)

Larger Focus – Enjoying the present through arts of the past

I started this blog to have a place I could get to from any computer to track and to plan my activities with the Society for Creative Anachronism, and to be able to connect with others about those activities.  I wasn't sure what I'd be interested in, and as the sidebar indicates, I tried lots of things.

I've learned in the blog hiatus, that my personality Likes To Try Things, so that won't change.

But the limit of SCA-related activities will.

I do find, and maybe it's a reaction from having a day job wrapped up in technologies of the present and future, that I find investigating and experimenting with things of the past to be a fun hobby.  So that's what you'll find here: I'm continuing my Bronze Age impression projects, but also including past arts from the New World, and post-1600. Many of our friends still play SCA, so there will still be SCA things here, but also non-SCA things.  I still like fiber arts best, but I'll be playing with some new materials.

Thank you

To those of you that have continued to use Greet's Middle Ages' content, thank you for appreciating the effort it took to build this blog.  I'm encouraged by the numbers I still see, the emails I still get from around the world on this little bit of navelgazing.  It's kind of amazing to research something on Pinterest and find pictures of yourself.

Of course technology hasn't stood still in the last few years either, so I'll be making some changes to the structure of the site.  I'll do my best to not break links – but there will be changes.  Thanks for your patience as I revamp, and here's looking forward to lots more playing in the past!


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