Sif cosplayer, leaning on spear

What is Art For? Why Bother?

(A break this week from my series on the Sprang Hairnet.  I’ll return to that subject next week.)

“We believe that the main reason to study history is to rescue certain good, provocative, and inspiring ideas that have been lost in the past, in order to put them to use in relation to the dilemmas and problems of our own times.”

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That’s taken from this short film on the Renaissance, embedded below, from one of my favorite YouTube channels, The School of Life.

It’s also the reason I love historical ‘dabbling and dressing up’ – not just because it’s novel and romantic, but because I do discover things about myself while trying these things that help me make decisions in my modern life.


Sif cosplayer, leaning on spear
One Sifmaiden, snoozing on duty.

And I likewise believe that ideas from the past are in danger of being overwhelmed by the flood of distraction that the media sends us, with little vision beyond its art other than to make us buy things.  (As a Stuff Maker…this is challenging to think about.  What Vision for the Greater Good does my art serve?)


Spend 20 minutes and watch the film, and try out some of their other offerings, too!



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