‘Dabbling and Dressing Up’: Vision vs Mission vs Strategy vs Tactics

These are the guiding lights for the blog Greet’s Middle Ages…and also an example of what I believe are important concepts for any endeavor, whether it be for fun, as GMA is, or for profit. I offer this explanation in a spirit of transparency, for what I am doing with GMA, and also as a reference for myself, so that I can check myself to see if I’m getting off-track, and ask myself why.
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Persona: 6thC

Who was it that the Vikings raided?  Why?  I built this persona as an attempt to understand the other side of the popular icons, and fell in love with the clothes, the fibercraft, the jewelry, and the graphic design of Kent. This period is also called the Migration Period by historians, and as the Byzantines take up moving things around the world that the Romans left off, I also find appropriate the dregs of Roman, some Coptic, and of course Byzantine clothing and gear for a culture on the coast, settled by seafarers, and clearly talented in their works. MY … Continue reading Persona: 6thC

Persona: 16thc Indian and Persian

I’ve experimented with these two personas in an effort to understand climate.  In the end, I’ve decided that 6thC Mediterranean/1350 Danish is where I want to be, but the sources I found were neat, and my mother wears Persian based on these pictures. Persona: 16thc Persia, artisan class Based on the following illustrations (all from Roxane Farabi): using the following patterns: Rashid’s PatternsRoxane’s Patterns and these fabrics:-4 yds rayon jacquard-3.5 yds taupe linen, rayon embroid.-2.75 yds lt yellow linen, rayon threaded-1.5 yds mint linen -4 yds translucent embroidered cotton for pirihan (Still want silk to line jacquard for joba – … Continue reading Persona: 16thc Indian and Persian

Requoting diamond twill source

I mean to go look at this diamond twill…   Sounds like a re.seller who buys from these guys. I got mine direct at  great prices, they do bulk as well if you can be patient and wait if they do not have enough in stock. on them to  put the order together. Usually a couple of weeks for 10 or more. But well worth the wait and  the blankets are great for cloaks. LOL. Here is the direct link. Shhh it's a big secret kept by their  re-sellers. LOL. http://www.loricamos.vizz.pl/tkanieuk.html Sandy On 2/08/2010 10:17 PM, LEWINS SHELAGH wrote: > I … Continue reading Requoting diamond twill source

Early Anglo-Saxon embroidery

More quoting from the lists: Class Handouts Unaltered class handouts may be reproduced for use in non-profit teaching  programs (eg SCA Collegia etc). * Five Period Stitches – Quick Reference Guide – Oct, 2003 (.pdf 148kb) * Five Period Stitches – In Depth – March, 2006 (.pdf 2.4 mb) (revised) * Embroidery for Clothing – Anglo-Saxon – Nov, 2004 (.pdf 3.6 mb)  * Getting Started with Tunics – March, 2005 (.pdf 535 kb)  Hi, The best overview for viking and anglo-saxon embroidery stitches and styles  is  http://www.cs.vassar.edu/~capriest/asvembroid.html this site has a few nice images: http://kaleeb.galtham.org/pdf/Kaleeb-angloembroidery.pdf Queen Arnegunde find, 6th century … Continue reading Early Anglo-Saxon embroidery