Egyptian sprang cap

Sprang examples from history and some basics

Sprang is a way of making fabric that I think of as being the inverse of knitting. If knitting is all horizontal threads, that are distorted to create vertical links, sprang is all vertical threads, that are distorted to create horizontal links. Similar to knitting, sprang is very drapey and will flex in its structure to contain a lumpy mass. (Like a pile of hair.)
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Requoting diamond twill source

I mean to go look at this diamond twill…   Sounds like a re.seller who buys from these guys. I got mine direct at  great prices, they do bulk as well if you can be patient and wait if they do not have enough in stock. on them to  put the order together. Usually a couple of weeks for 10 or more. But well worth the wait and  the blankets are great for cloaks. LOL. Here is the direct link. Shhh it's a big secret kept by their  re-sellers. LOL. Sandy On 2/08/2010 10:17 PM, LEWINS SHELAGH wrote: > I … Continue reading Requoting diamond twill source

MGT 2010

The Viking, er Saxon* and I went to MGT, and tried out the wool geteld as a pavilion, with one side propped up.   (*He's decided to switch sides and move back in time to meet me.  Looks like I get to avoid making myself a Viking apron for good!) Our friends Vladimir and Illaria sat with us, and brought rugs and their very comfy upholstered chairs.  Besides the upholstery, I really like how the high backs fill in the vertical wall of the tent, visually.  I'm wanting to find more pictures of people seated for more chairy ideas. We … Continue reading MGT 2010