I regard a “persona” to be simply an area of research, learning, and play…centered around building a person from a particular time and place.  That person needs clothes, may have activities, and perhaps even a name!

Folks in the SCA tend to either develop one persona very deeply, or dabble in a few.  I’m definitely a “dress up and dabble” type!  Here’s a way to review all the personas that I’ve worked on.  Click on any of the pictures or links to go to a summary page for each persona.  That’s where you’ll find all the research notes, original post links, and images associated with each version of Greet.


1350BC Danish Bronze Age

550AD End of the Roman Empire, Kent

1000AD Viking Age

1200AD Carpathian Mountains

1350AD Western Europe

1450-1530AD Flanders…this is where my name comes from!

1550AD India