Trailer made up as Viking boat with pavilion

Arty Crown Spring 2017

The Byrdraka sailed as a vigil tent at Meridies Kingdom A&S/Crown List!

Viking boat trailer used for SCA vigil tent
She looks so classy with all that canvas and furniture!

She always looks nice at night.

Trailer made up as Viking boat with pavilion
The Byrdraka with pavilion, at night, makes an nice vigil tent.

Things we learned:

  • You can do a lot with extra canvas yardage, some sisal rope, and a box of T-pins.  These all fit in the way-too-heavy oak Viking chest, which is a great accessory.
  • Future Viking chests will be of poplar, which is much lighter than oak.
  • A few pole hooks would be nice, too.
  • Full side walls are too hot.  Breeze is good.
  • Full back wall is a good idea, though a vertical door would work better than the horizontal split we did here.  We hid all sorts of unsightly things in the “utility area” behind the back wall.
  • She really needs six torches.  We borrowed – it’d be nice to own.
  • A rug is good.  Again, we borrowed.
  • The paving stones we use for leveling are great for a “stoop” to keep the slip factor down.
  • Portable holes are great for spears.  Good idea to paint the portable hole some color that isn’t black.
  • The pavilion needs to have some roof structure beyond tensile strength.  The center sags, and although we can put a pole there, it’s in the way.  We have ideas, and there will be progress on this before Next Voyage.
  • People love that driftwood/bone-looking windchime thing.  I found it at TJmaxx, and it reminded me of the History Channel’s series Vikings…I have a tendency to be Very Serious, so I’m always on the lookout for fun items.  Perhaps The Byrdraka collects a piece of driftwood for every place she’s been!
History Channel's Viking screenshot showing Ragnar and driftwood garland
Screenshot from The History Channel’s Viking series’ showing Ragnar and driftwood garland
  • Rave lighting is not a bad idea, when the boat goes back to bar mode…
Viking boat trailer operating as drinks station with rave lighting
The Byrdraka in revel mode – thanks so much to whoever brought that cool lighting gizmo on a bannerpole!

Want to see where the Byrdraka will voyage next?  Follow her progress on her FB page!

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